Small Boutique Fashion Week

You already know it's "THAT" time of year. It's Fashion Week.
This time a around I am back stage a " Small Boutique Fashion Week".

There was so much creativity in one place!
I have to share some of my favorite moments with you fm model call to runway!

Studio 91 Natural Hair Salon team was in full swing working with NYIB and we couldn't be more excited.

I had to take a moment to take a picture with Aaron Paul, with his fabulous self.

I definitely enjoyed every fashion designer, hosts, coordinators,team leaders, and gorgeous models. Each and every person who was a part of this was amazing can't wait until next year!!!

Leggings: Mixxit from JCPenney
Blouse :H &M
Boots: Avenue Plus
Hat: Forever21

The Cat's Eye

Lately I have no idea what has been going on with my new love of all things nude, blush, and pink. These muted shades are my new secret obsession.
Not to mention my cat eye shades!

Blouse: Marshalls
Slacks: Forever 21
Necklace: Avenue
Shades: CALL 516-208-5900 FOR INFO

The Sweater Revolution

Here I am back on the scene with a piece i can't wait to share with you.
I am slowly becoming more attracted to sweaters with every winter that goes by and this year I will confess that I have a new favorite.

As seen here I have on grey and navy tribal sweater that is just every bit of fabulous as it is warm.
It features a reverse tuxedo effect, the back is short and the front sides are long with tassels at the perimeter. 
You can wear this to work in the office or to the mall or the movies.
I just love versatile pieces!

Top: Old Navy
Sweater: Lord &Taylor
Leggings:Mixxit at JCPenney
Shoes: Avenue

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