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February 2017
I have been completely overwhelmed lately but I have still squeezed in some reading! This time with a new year in full swing and almost coming to the end of the first quarter I am seeking to grow and expand my ideas. This month I had the pleasure of reading Bankable Business Plans by Edward Rogoff & Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel.

These books are great tools to use when you want to start a business in this digital day and age. Learning how to plan and successfully connect your business to as many people as possible is the key. They go into depth as to how to do this, and more importantly why. If you are a budding entrepreneur, these books are perfect for your spring reading list.

October 2016
I know it has been a minute since I have had time to sit up with a book and a cozy blanket but here it is! Oh, and don't forget the cup of tea! I just have been spending some time really reflecting on the next steps for what I need to do for bettering myself.
 These two books are different for me on a whole new level but it is needed. 
I am currently going back and forth with The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey and The One You Really Want by Jill Mansell.
It's all about learning what you really want in life and how to plan to get it all done in an orderly fashion without killing yourself. Also In my leisure time to squeeze in some romantic comedy reading on the side to keep my mind off of work all the time. A great read from both authors.  
May 2016

This book was worth the wait for this post and I can't wait to share!
Start with Why by Simon Sinek is not only a great read for business but more importantly for everyday life!
The most important take away from this book is

1. Awareness the "why" we do anything
2. "The Golden Circle
He goes in depth to describe the fact that the golden circle is successful because when you are motivated by"why" Success just happens.
This book helped me really sit down and evaluate everything that I do to be sure that my "why" isn't being lead by my ego but by the right motives.
Sinek gives examples that are easy to understand and relate to which brings your thought level to an entirely new place of awareness.
Definitely you should get this book and keep it in your personal library

January 2016

This year I want to start the year off right!
I am participating in a 21 day fast with my church and in association with that I made some drastic changes within myself. 
I heard last summer that this book should have been on my reading list and now I understand why.

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.
Everything in life has a purpose and is done in the right time, so I have to say that I got this book in my hands at the right time.
This book is definitely a fabulous read to get you re- aligned with your spiritual life. It really highlights and brings to your awareness that 

1. It' s not about YOU! It's about God and His purpose for you.
2. Get into what really matters which is pleasing God with your Life, family and above all Love your neighbor as yourself.
I know these principles sound very cliche but trust me! This book is a great read to  breakdown section by section in order for it to really sink in.

It is growing me spiritually and making me aware of important inward changes I need to make to become a better person. To kick start your year, this book will do it and set you up for the right path!

November 2015
I must say I have been sticking with my momentum on the financial book side and this next book I have been indulging myself in is nothing short of an amazing find.

 Sacred Success : A COURSE IN FINANCIAL MIRACLES by: Barbara Stanny is a fantastic read and a book that definitely open your eyes to soul searching that connects with your finances.
This book really digs deep into you discovering which side you are receiving information from  your Ego or your Soul.
She gets into detail of how to observe yourself, to see which side you giving more power to ( Your Ego or Your Soul).
Ego is moved by fear  while your soul is moved by love
The most important take away I  received was when answering "The Call" you have to be aware and open because it may take something dramatic and life changing to get your attention to redirect you on the path !
Once you discern where you are placing your energy and power into you can open up the door  to you receiving the wealth you plan to acquire.
A must read especially if you want to understand the dynamics of how your finances are connected with your spiritual balance. 

September 2015

Everyone at some point in life dreams of having success.
Success can mean different things to each individual, which makes success such a unique goal.
I believe that all of us deep down inside truly want to know the secrets of successful people so that we can learn from them. This month I read a book that walked me through just that and I cannot wait to share.
Secrets of Six-Figure Women by Barbara Stanny was a definite blessing. The main points that I took from this book was 
a.work / life balance
b.work less and make more
c. compromises not sacrifices
A few main " gems" stuck with me that constantly look over...
1. " Financial success is possible in almost any field, and lack a of Education doesn't have to hold you back.
2. "While intention is a magnet that attracts what we want, letting go provides the space for our desire to manifest" 
This book has  plenty of takeaways for you to learn the mindset of under earners and how to change them.
This is what I consider an easy read and very valuable. Plenty of "gems" are hidden in this book that you need to discover for yourselves. Read and enjoy until next month!

August 2015

Growth is the key to progression. I just love to learn and grow as an individual and more importantly to share the knowledge that I gain along the way in hopes to inspire and help someone else as well. Lately I have come across a new book that is helpful in becoming who you invision you are.
This book " I Am That Girl " by Alexis Jones is a good way to start your journey. I like this book because it's very relate able with examples and stories that are similar to experiences that I have gone through. It's just nice to know that I am not the only person who goes through these things trying to accomplish so much. This book goes over finding your passion, being the right kind of selfish, and taking control of your life.
These are very important topics to really sit down and think about, go over until you have a clear understanding of what YOU want out of life and all it has to offer.
She also experesses the importance of finding balance because ultimately it will lead to a happier and healthier YOU!
Every young woman should grab this and make this a part of your end of summer reading list!
Until next time enjoy this little fashionable lifestyle gem.

  March 2015
As I take on this adventure of self awareness and growth I thought that I would share this with you.
For each and every one of us self improvement is necessary! It can also be a little easier when you have a support group or someone to look up to in the same predicament. With that being said I have ventured off into my next book. This one is called " The Scared BOMBSHELL Handbook of Self-Love" by Abiola Abrams.

This book is an amazing guide to self awareness.

I'm glad to  have had the opportunity to read this book as it's fascinating exercises have guided me through a deep breakthrough of my own.
In particular there is a guided exercise Abiola asks you to do called "The Self- Love Matrix". Doing this chart really allows you to sit down, evaluate , and face some major issues you are dealing with head on. This gives you a truthful visual of how you see yourself now, and can help you redirect yourself onto the path you want to be on. You also read through some amazing experiences of some heavy hitters like Viola Davis.
As a young woman you also learn how to discern your feminine and masculine energies and how to balance them to accommodate your lifestyle.
This is a life changing read! I encourage you to read it, participate in the exercise and empower yourself to be love yourself and grow to the next level!

January 2015

Since the new year has rolled in I have been embracing the new year, new me. I have become so empowered in doing better, and being better. I want to be elevated and I feel the urge to share with anyone I can and who ever wants better for themselves in means of self education. This section of Mz. Fashion Kulture is expressing apart of fashion as a Kulture by way of reading and enlightening oneself to reach our best abilities our fulfill our "Higher Calling".
At this moment I am reading Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Lechter. This book for me is a valuable tool to have as a young woman seeking to be successful. She walks you through an in depth explanation on knowing your 'burning desire" , learning to make a plan and stick to it, service, and "taking a leap WITH faith".

All the major key points she uses are based on the teachings of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. Inside there are also helpful tips she uses to help you organize your own personal notebook to assist you in your journey to personal growth.
This book is ideal for an ambitious woman ready to push through to make a successful life for herself. For more in depth knowledge pick this book up and get to reading!!!