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                                          MARCH 2017
On this naturalisa journey I must say I need to be creative about my look! I'm always trying something new and this time around it's no different. I have been on the go and running around so for this look I wanted to be simple and quick. Goddess Braids it is! Just two braids and I am good to go.

This time around @aesthetic_aly has done two braids with the following
1. 1 Pack of Xpressions Hair 3x
2. Joie Gel
3. Gorilla Snot

We washed with Design Essentials Regular line
1. Moisture Retention
2. Express Conditioner

Well beauties, Happy New Year! With a new year upon us I have  a new style going on. To start off I will say that this pixie is ready to grow some hair back and embrace my natural curls. This time around I am putting in some Marley twist in.

Before getting my twist done I.....
1. One shampoo with Organic Cleanse by Design Essentials
2. Two Shampoos with SheaMoisture Raw Shea 
3. Conditioning Treatment with SheaMoisture Raw Shea Masque and Raw Shea Serum.
4. Light blow dry with SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner 

I had one of my stylist @aesthetic_aly use  FreeTress Equal Cuban  Twist hair .
We used only 4 packs of 16 inch hair to accomplish this look.
I am looking to keep it in for at least six weeks to keep my hair put away and protected as it grows so I don't damage it.
This is easy go to style to grow my hair with less stress on it.
Can't wait to see what will be next!

Until next time 

Of course I have to always keep you all guessing! I have made the decision to grow my hair back and have fun with it. I mean who wants to have boring hair, right.
In the process of growing it back ALL NATURAL I have come to the conclusion to experiment along the way.
The first stop while my sides grow back would be to find a fabulous transition style. Until I find one here was my quick solution.

I know so old school but guess what , it's protective and it works.
I followed the following steps...
1. Shampoo
2. Steam Treatment with Paul Mitchell Super Charge and Super Skinny Serum.
3. Rinse &Blow dry
4. Braid up

Wearing the wig allows me to have the versatility to take it off and let my hair breathe when I'm at home.
I put some Sheamoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil serum in my scalp once a week and keep it moving.
This style is low maintenance while I plan my next look! (I already know what it is!)

Stay connected with me during this hair journey!


I do hope that you all are enjoying this gorgeous weather! I know I am! You already know that I had to change it up again and try something new.

Since I had my faux locs (  that I do miss dearly) I thought why not try another protective style.

This time I thought to try some goddess braids. Not just any goddess braids but something out of the ordinary. You know I just can't follow the trend I need to set it!
Here I am wearing a goddess braided up do.
As seen here we used 
1. Q Brand Braiding hair
2. Black Gel
3. Argon Edge control
This style is pretty and feminine.
Usually i like to be sleek and a little edgy, but sometimes i like to show my femininity.
The braids are a great protective style that can be done for up to two weeks.

Before I had my style done I did a conditioning treatment.
My hair is still color treated and as a result I need to make sure I am constant keeping it moisturized.
Until next time and the next style.
Be sure to check out all of my styles under the hash tag


                                              MAY 2016

I tried something new this month and with this trend that everyone has been talking about I figured why not just go for  it!

This month I decided to try the faux locs and see if I liked it and if I would look good in it.

As far as I can see and the attention it has been getting I will say it's safe to say this is a win!

Since my short cut gives me a limitation as to how much of my hair can actually be put away only the top and middle of my hair is done and my sides are both cut low.
We went with the faux locs instead of goddess locs for the first time around.

Maybe another time in the future we may do another technique.

For this process we used
1. Jamaican Twist Marley hair
2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil serum from Sheamoisture

I love this look because it gives an authentic natural look which is what I was going for. To dress them up I added some gold hair jewelry you can pick up at your local beauty supply store.

I love this loo and it's a fabulous protective style that is going to go ablaze this summer!

I hope this inspires you to try a new style this summer!

                                        APRIL 2016

A few months in and I know you all have been looking to see what was next! In all honesty I had to do so blog revamping to be sure that I am maximizing this platform with the best intentions to educate, elevate , and inspire you!

Since the weather is warming up so beautifully I decided to move into the fantasy colors that have been picking up momentum lately. This time I went with a green! In order to get to this green my stylist had to lift my hair to a honey blonde and then apply Adore aquamarine to my hair. At first the color comes out much richer and a shade darker. In order to achieve this green I had to shampoo my hair twice in  for it to reach the desired color.

This color is fun and different from the usual blondes and reds that are the usual summer "go to's" for the season. Don't be afraid be bold and push yourself. Nothing all you have to do is try!
I maintain this color..........
1. Regular conditioning treatments
2. No relaxer on the top (natural mo hawk)
This lifestyle is a difficult choice but a critical one if you love to play with the color.

Love yourself and love your hair! If nothign else this part of my journey has definately let me self reflect on what "I " considered beautiful!
Enjoy your journey and feel free to share with me!

                                         JANUARY 2016

Here we are in the new year and of course you already know that I have a new look up under my sleeve!
For January I thought some fun color would do! I decided to go with purple!

This Jennifer Hudson inspired look is a definite staple and my stylist Stacey Ciceron just had to try! With this side by side it's almost scary to see how we got that close!
Fantasy colors I will say are difficult to achieve but here we pulled fast one. Stacey did a quick weave and added her own spin to this inspirational style.

The purple didnt actually make it's way to my hair this time because the last trial wasn't vibrant it was rich. Now that we jnow how to achieve it on the added hair, we know what to do to achieve the vibrancy on my hair. This was a fabulous transformations and I cannot get enough!
Also, with a quick weave all my hair is completely covered and I can just wrap the extensions and tie it down with a scarf for easy maintenance.

As for my hair underneath I am still striving for my hair goal of a long and healthy Mohawk that I can just push forward with cascading curls.
Stay tuned for all the amazing  fun that comes with my hair journey!


As the year is coming to a close you know I had to do at least one celebrity inspo!
Here it is, a Rihanna inspired hairstyle with my color treated Mohawk.
This isn't a complete look alike because 
1. I have decided to keep my sides a little longer than usual.
2. My pretty girly curls must always be on FLEEK! aka(Ciceron curls)
I like this look especially when I am going out for a night on the town or out to eat with someone special.
It's a strong and demanding look that definitely grabs attention which is one of my favorite things to do!
I like to think of myself as different , so why not let my hair express that also.
My mohawk is still transitioning, which means my roots are still natural where there is no color and my ends are relaxed. At some point I will be relaxing it but not right now.
I really try to stretch out the relaxers where my color is and make sure that it's growing healthy and strong.
my routine is still
1. SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil serum
2. Bumble and Bumble Hair dresser's Invisible oil
I use these products in my daily routine to keep my scalp moisturized and my ends moisturized because the color can be very drying.
This look is simple to keep up for at least two or three days when the weather co operates but if not my blow dryer and scarf definitely come in handy.
Please see hair tutorial!!

All this amazing styling was done by none other than  the magician herself Stacey Ciceron!
Follow her on social media @staceyciceron

                                         November 2015

As you all are aware that I love my hair and I have set a hair goal for myself to reach. As a result the waiting period can be a bit much to handle because I want to keep the integrity of my hair.
My hair color forces me to then stretch out my relaxer application through the middle. My sides are relaxed but the Mohawk is mostly natural.

Also the weather is changing and having to deal with the natural roots and relaxed ends are very difficult for be because I also sweat in my scalp, which then causes my roots to revert.
What do you do?
Good Question!
I decided to do some crochet braids with seneglaese twist !
This is something extremely different and perfect to put my hair away and keep it protected during this time!
These twist are from the FreeTres brand and it is Synthetic hair. Styles like these do not need expensive hair which can help you pockets a bit.
This method is fairly simple and saves plenty of time instead of having them done strand by strand!
I am so excited to see how much my hair will grow after this period of time!
Stay tuned!!!!!

                                       September 2015

 I will admit this, I am becoming a complete rebel this fall according to the hair world! Usually during the fall and winter months people tend to go for the darker and richer colors but not me!
I decided to go completely blonde with my mo hawk.!
 Yes that's right BLONDE!
They always say blondes have more fun, so I decided why not test out this theory!
This shade was no easy task to achieve but I definitely left it in the hands of the professionals at The Stacey Ciceron Studio.
This was a multiple step process that consisted of... 
1. Color Balance
2. Paul Mitchell Syncro Lift
There were 2 more steps included in this process that consist of a color and multiple toners from the same line.
I love it and yes it is ALL MY HAIR ! No Extentions!

There is one thing I cannot stress enough is please do not do this unless you are well prepared for the up keep of this color! You need to shamppo with color protect shampoos and do conditioning treatment. This color can also seem dry so always have a gloss to add shine every two  or three days. 

Also, I add no extra heat to my hair from the blow dryer or flat iron at home! Heat damage is a major problem we face today so please be aware of this. At home I use..
1. SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Serum for my scalp
2. Design Essentials Hydrience Creme for my ends.
3. Design Essentials Reflections to add shine.
4.  Design Essentials Edge Control to keeps my sides laying flat
That's all for this month and I cannot wait to share my progress with you!


                            August 2015
Here I am finally getting some length towards my hair goal at the beginning of August! I am in love. My personal hair goal is to have a healthy, long mo hawk with no extra hair needed. I have noticed that people have been taking this look to another level with adding kinky hair, wavy hair, or the 27 pieces package hair  to achieve this look. For me , it's all about being authentic to YOU, and to do it fabulously of course.

Currently even though I am loving my cascading curls, I am experiencing some impatience while I am waiting for the length to come in.
Also when trying to achieve long healthy hair that means I can't play with the pastel fantasy colors as much as I did when I was wearing my pixie cut. Yes, that means I am experiencing " color envy" at the moment. Not to mention I am still refraining from heat. Unless my stylist uses the blow dryer or flat iron while I'm in the chair, I do not do any heat at home at ALL. This way I will not experience any breakage that could pro long my waiting for the length.
Right now I am still with my simple routine of adding moisture with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Serum from SheaMoisture. I use a few drops in my scalp every two or three days in between my salon visits and it works out just fine.
I cannot wait to achieve my hair goal and to reveal the finished product!

              All of my hair creations have been done at 
                        The Stacey Ciceron Studio
                                91 Merrick Rd. 
                              Baldwin NY, 11510
                           APPOINTMENT ONLY

                                           July 2015
Since the last time I have posted I made a drastic change. I am no longer  a semi relaxed lady. I am fully relaxed and loving it. My hair reverts extremely quickly! 
With that being said my mo hawk being natural and my sides being straight just were not working in the transition months from spring to summer.

My decision to do this was not about being natural vs. relaxed. It was all about having healthy hair that fits my life style. 
I am still working toward my hair goal and I think I should reach it by December.
 I would just be thrilled with that Christmas present!!
I will say this, transitioning to being relaxed is still work because now I have to wait in order to get color.
 That's the only down side to switching over, I cannot play with color as much. Soon and very son I will! Be on the lookout for the next phase!

                               May 2015

At the moment I am growing my mohawk out to achieve a hair goal, but that doesnt mean I have to " grow out of style"!

Since I have mini foils in the front panel of my hair I am letting the color fade and viewing the underlying blonde shine through.
Right now the panels have grown out to my ends, which means more foils will be coming soon!
Since I love the color only my mohawk is natural, without a relaxer, which leaves my hair strong enough to deal with the lifting process.
While mosy people would kill for waves, I have them naturally! I know my waves are on FLEEK! 

                                     April 25th 2015

It has definately been a while, but I have tried a new venture since the last time you saw my mohawk and I just couldn't wait to share it!

This time I decided to go for a mixture of two popular fantasy colors that have been trending this time around.

I did a mixure of the Adore Purple Rage from the last time with a some Adore Cedar Red Brown.
As a result it started out very purple but after two weeks and oxodizing this is the result.
I currently have a red orange flame mo hawk going on and I must say that it am feeling it.
My ends are a bit brighter because of the previous lifting I had done.
To keep this style I don't add any excessive heat to it after my stylist has curled it. In between I add SheaMoisture Raw Shea Serum in my scalp every two days before my wash.
I hope this look has inspired you! Stay conencted with me for all my fashion forward trends and my hair journey as a semi natural pixie!

 February 7th 2015

This time after seeing the results of what blue has done to my mo hawk I have decided to try color once again.

Violet Rage is the color of choice this week, I wonder what pastel shade this color will eventually fade too. For right now this is the end result. The violet comes of very subtle, which is something I love, but again I cannot wait to see the actual fade results! 

                                        February 7th 2015

                                       January 30th 2015

Since the last post, I have a whole new look coming straight your way! I the beginning of the year I started out with a rich African Violet color to bring some needed change to my life.

 As you would have it with any hair color as time goes by and the color begins to oxidize you will begin to see a change.
This is the result of oxidizing and washing my hair! 

Yes, that's right my hair turned into a fun pastel green and blonde
                                   January 30th, 2015

It's absolutely trendy and I love it but this is definitely something you need to have a big personality to pull of!  I can't wait to see what it does next! 
Just as a precaution to all those willing to go down this hair journey. My mohawk area with color is all natural! There are no chemicals just color in that area which allows me to do this process! I also take care of my hair weekly and add natural oils daily for nourishment with SheaMoisture Raw Shea Serum or Jamaican Black Castor oil serum . These types of trendy styles come with a major dedication, please be aware!
                         All this hard work has been done by 
                                        Stacey Ciceron 
                        IG@staceyciceron/ thestaceyciceornstudio

                                     January 16th 2015

Being Fashionable is all about living the complete lifestyle from head to toe! 
As you have seen I am a pixie hair bombshell and I am embracing it! I have decided to share not just my fashion journey , but my hair journey as well.
Here is my story. I am what I consider to be a  semi- naturalista. My sides are relaxed and my Mohawk is natural. This is a system that my celebrity hairstylist has come up with that works for me.
here is my latest venture and style since the new year has come along!
Yes I have the fashion BLUES and it's not a sad thing either! I have African violet highlights in my Mohawk and I cannot wait to see the color change as it oxidizes.
                                          Stylist: Stacey Ciceron
                                       The Stacey Ciceron Studio 
                                 91 Merrick Rd., Baldwin NY 11510

                                                             January 16th , 2015