New Life in Skinny Jeans

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Skinny jeans have been a trending favorite choice across the board as the go to jeans to wear. When you wear skinny jeans it gives you more options as to what shoes you can wear. They can give a more slimming look as well.
Apparently there is an all new life that has been given to skinny jeans and a whole new reason to love them even more.
1.Silky Covering
This trend is about the silky leather like finishes that give the jeans a little more umphh. The look can go chic or punk rocker which ever way you would prefer. This trend you are either going to love or hate there is no in between on this one but here at FashionKulture, we LOVE it!
2. Two Toned
This trend is great for women who are especially worried about their hips, when you wear a two toned pattern like this it will accentuate the hips to your advantage. Great for a night out as well with the tones going straight down the side.
these trends are fabulous new ways to address the skinny jean trend as one of the heavy hitters that has taken the fashion world by storm!!!!
Ladies go and shop

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