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If your anything like me, my mind is constantly going , and I 'm always thinking about what's next. For the world of Fashion, the future of couture might be in the hands of Net-A-Porter!

For anyone who isn't familiar, Net-A-Porter is your online destination for all designer everything. The great thing about them is that they have top designers and there is always a sale going on! For a limited time they will have free shipping & returning in the U.S. So if you haven't already checked them out after you leave this
Stacy Engman
blog stop by their website.
Art Capsul

Anyway, back to the future of couture. This September Net-A-Porter will be selling one-off couture inspired creations. Now I must state that for this particular project, no actual fashion designers were involved. The fashion director of Net-A-Porter  Holli Rodgers had only contemporary artists work this project. The artist that are affiliated for this were Geororge Condo, Terence Koh, Vik Muniz, Marina Abramovic, and Mickalene Thomas. This entire project was brought together by curator,Stacy Engman, who named the project "Art Capsul". 
Now Stacy on the other hand is a devoted fashion lover and ore importantly a veteran in the art world. She happened to approach the artist for this project with one goal in mind. To create garment that are inspired by haute couture. The idea here was to get the artist to " use their art to conceive a garment from start to finish". Engaman went on to state that "The process in fashion and in art is very similar in that both artist and designers are striving to create visual experiences that did not exist before. But this project is about contemporary art, and that is about the future. It's just that this is art that can be worn." This expo is amazing and it challenges our ides of fashion  and bringing us to a place of understanding that fashion is a form of art.

If you like to see what Net-A-Porter has to offer you visit.....
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