Pastel love affair

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Even as the days go by this winter, we have been experiencing some nicer weather. This called for a more colorful approach to my look of the day. Anything can inspire the creativity in your style. Today I decided to go with my pastel sweater dress with metallic gold accents!(compliments of Santa!) 
I paired it with some classic black leggings and black Uggz. Now I do recommend if you have the turquoise or pink Uggz wear them with this.
As seen hear I added some bright color pieces to compliment my colorful attire. I decided to go with a show piece rose gold ring, irredecent pink earrings and a pink charm bracelet to add a whimsical flare.
Today was all about being bright and cheerful in your outfit choice. Later on for a night out choose something a little more subtle.
Enjoy your weekend and always remember to always stay fabulous !!!

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1 comment:

  1. That is a cool outfit, but we have to get you M & J Elite Gems pieces to rock. I have a hot pair of earrings to go with that outfit we need to link up asap!!! My one of a kind jewelry designs and your fabulous fashion creations....they not ready sis lol!! love you