Casual Blues

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Who said having the blues was a sad thing! In the fashion highlight for today it's all about the comfort of the blue cardigan.
Cardigans, all fashion lovers should have some in their wardrobe for the simple fact that they are comfortable and the go with everything!
The more you have the better! In multiple colors and patterns.
For today I took the comfort and chic look. Hopefully this will inspire you on a gorgeous spring day!
Today I decided to jump in my favorite teal blue cardigan from Marshall's. This find was a fab one pretty color cardigans are hard to find in there but definately worth it.
I grabbed a tan colored tank from Old Navy. They always have beautiful colors for their tanks! Usually they have a good tank too.
Some amazing denim capri's from Guess. They fit like a glove so grab a pair.
The sandals are also from Guess! The lace up sandals are a definately this season. 
As for accessories I kept it casual with a beautiful gold and white necklace with studs.
Hopefully my casual chic look will inspire you today!

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