Fashionable for Church

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If you didn't know, today is Sunday and for most people like myself it's almost time for church. Just because your going to church doesn't mean you can't be fashionable. Now hear me out, when going to church ladies please remember to wear appropriate attire. Not too short of a skirt and not too much cleavage. You are going into the house of God and we should be mindful and respectful of that.
With all that being said I do have some tips for you. You can still follow up on most trends, like bright colors, bold prints and even go with the trending midway skirt.
This morning I will share what I'm wearing this week. 
This week I opted for a beautiful purple blouse, a printed skirt, and a heavy purple and blue metallic necklace. I will wear the blouse tucked in and button it to the top so I can wear the necklace on the outside under the collar.If that's not your taste you can leave the two top buttons open and wear the necklace on the inside.
Maybe I might pop it with some red shoes or tan suede sandals. What do you think?

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