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It is coming to the end of July and we all know what that means.Here comes the real August summer heat. I want to encourage you to never sacrifice your style because of the heat.
Always keep in style no matter what! I try and so can you. 
Right now it is all about mixing and matching more dressed pieces with casual ones to keep comfortable during the heat I will even use my outfit for example. Here I have on a navy sleeveless blouse with the front tucked into my more casual cargo shorts. I paired it with my heavy gold plated necklace and gold stud earrings to keep the look more chic because I was going to work.
Ladies the whole idea is to mix and match have fun. No, you don't have to look slouchy like a couch potato to be comfortable. Remember this always look your best everyday because you never know who you might meet. Put your best foot forward and always look amazing.

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  1. Hi Ashley!
    Please send your email address when you get a chance!
    I have a gift and an invitation to a little event on 7/24 for you.
    I just saw your blog from July 2nd for the first time today! I loved it!
    Linda Labriola