Jewelry makes a Statement

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Statement jewelry is making a bigger splash in the smear street style scene then ever. Also the statement jewelry is crossing over into the high end fashion world.

Just like Roberto Cavalli, bringing in this necklace and ear cuff.
I know isn't it gorgeous! If you don't have that Roberto and Cavalli money that is alright too. Majority of your retailers in the mall have them. My personal favorites are from Aldo or H&M. If you'd rather order them online go to

This trend is a great choice because you can be as loud as you want. I always say the chunkier and brighter the better. You can keep it classic with simple shapes and one cir or you can be funky and wear a piece that has different shapes  and is multicolored. 
If you haven't bought one already I advise you go and get some ASAP!

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