Rihanna For River Island

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We all know that Rihanna has done a collection with River Island before, and to no surprise it sold out .
Now she is working on the her second collection with the powerhouse label and it is been most anticipated. This collection will be for the fall so we are excited to see what type of patterns, material, and textures she may choose.
Usually when celebrities do a fashion line with designers they do predominately well, especially if they have a major fan base Rihanna things are a little different in a sense because she is very chic. Working her way to be a fashion icon. This may boost her lines with River Island a little more than others. Overall she has great style, but sometimes some things she wears are questionable. Hey, we all have worn a crazy outfit from time to time.
 Well to Rihanna we here at FashionKulture support the collection we are looking forward to the finished products.

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