Touch of Sunshine

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If you live in the New York area,  I am sure you are well aware of the gloomy day that we are having. Days like today I know people usually opt out for some comfy sweats and sneakers. Well, not this fashionista! I want all of you fahsion lovers out there to protest with me. Just because the weather surves us a gloomy day we can perk it up with style.
With that being said today I added a splash of sunshine to my look by adding a splash of rustic orange in my sweater and shoes.
Yes, I said sweater, it's chilly outside today. My necklace also handsome golden hues in it as well. I paired them again with my gold studs.
Also for an element of surprise I had some rustic bracelets that complimented the grey in my heels.

Always remember if you want to wear your shoes with a buckle up by the ankle with jeans simply roll them up once so you can see the beauty of the shoe.
No matter the weather stay fashionable!!

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