Fashion and Television

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Most people don't even realize how much influences we get in the fashion industry. TV is a big one. On major shows that are prime time it's almost as if they define the standards for how we should dress. 
In some cases I don't mind at all! Some shows I love express powerful women who can dress the part as well as they act. For example......
1. Kerry Washington in Scandal
In this series she is showing that a strong, confidant and sophisticated woman can be fashionably tasteful for everyday and special occasions. 

2. Gina Torres  in Suits
The stunning beauty who is known as the better half of Lawrence Fishburne  also plays a powerful women who might I say can teach us all a thing or two about dressing for the office. Forget about the boring stuffy suits, but look at the sleek, chic and understated outfits she always pulls off effortlessly.

3.Sasha Alexander in Rizzoli and Isles
Here Sasha plays a very successful woman, who isn't afraid of being fashionable. Throughout the show she surprises with her more fashion forward style choices in a dominantly jacket and tie environment where she works.

These women express how being in dominant in a great career can be fashion forward. The point is they can define how women everywhere express themselves through fashion. Being tasteful, stylish, and chic on the very platforms of their television shows.

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