God Inspired Clothing Line

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What do you do next, after you have moved to the top and model for Victoria Secret. Well that's simple! You begin your own line. 
This is the story for former Victoria Secret  model Kylie Bisutti. She has created a Christian Clothing Line. The line is called God Inspired (Gi). It consist of very modest daywear for men and women. The line has tanks, blazers, and skinny jeans fir women and T-shirts and button downs for the men. On the clothing there are Bible Scriptures and Insiprational words which Bisutti intended to bring a smile to someone's face.
The 23 year old co- founded this clothing line with her aunt and they have been doing well. The line is only sold in the U.S. for now but is said to expand as time goes by. The line is only being exclusively sold online right now on the website.
This is a great breathe of fresh air. Something completely new and a little more trendy for the age groups she is appealing to. It's cute and fashionable. This line will be a hit with everyone especially those who love activewear. The pieces are comfortable and more appealing, she really caught the essence of what people are wearing today and put it together well. 
Congratulations to Kylie on this new venture and we here at Fashion Kulture support this 110 percent!!!! Can't wait to see what you will have in store for the future.

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