Power in the Power Suit

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As fall is approaching I believe it is safe to say we need to be looking into what is happening in the fashion world. Not just the upscale but fashion for the everyday including myself. I know previously I gave some popular ternds for what will be happening in the fall, but there is a trend that has come to my attention I believe you all need to know.
                                   THE POWER SUIT!

I know, what about if you don't work in a stuffy office how could you pull this look off. Well, that's why I'm here to help you out!
With the power suit the idea of keeping it chic is you can break it up a bit. Say you don't want to be so formal you can keep it a bit sexy by having a lower cut and wear no top underneath.As shown here.
If you do want too keep it chic and refined you could also opt for the high waist pant with the bell bottom flare that actually could cover your shoe.
Another way this menswear inspired look can be worn with a loose flowing material and pants that are at the ankle. This tends to give it more of a feminine feel you can also opt for a hat if you so choose.
Any way you decide to wear this look it will be great. This is popping up and will be brought in this fall so keep this style in mind. Having these types of trends are always good because they can multi task as options to wear to work or on interviews. This trend will be a great investment.

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