Prints With a Pop of Color

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Usually when you wear prints you tend to play it safe and wear things in the same color family. What if your wearing a neutral color pattern, then what do you do? You can pop color in your bag or our  favorite, bright shoes.
With bright color shoes you
can bring in that element of surprise to the typical black and or white outfit. Like I've done here.
Also a pop of color can be introduced in a clutch to give an outfit a chic and fun look. 

These are tends I do believe that anyone can wear and look absolutely amazing. My only note is ladies keep in mind, when wearing different color pattern and adding a pop of color that is different be sure that the color compliments the colors in the pattern. If not the colors will clash and you will end up as a poster child for crayola  crayons.
On a better note, remember to always stay fabulous!

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