Purple for the fall

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When deciding what to put on in the morning, usually  you go with how your feeling and what the weather is going to be like. With all those taken into consideration today I came up with this beautiful color scheme.

I love the way blue, black and purple go together. It's funny because usually people would think the colors are too dark but depending on the shade variation you should be fine.
The sweater is knit with a braided pattern going vertically. I paired it with my black denim  and some black calf high boots. I always like to keep comfy when running around on dreary days.
To accessorize I went with a blue and purple irredecent necklace and matching heart earrings.
Always find outfits that can be transitional because this can work for date night by swapping the flat boots for some high heel booties or thigh high boots. No matter the temperate always stay fashionable!!!!!!

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