Zig then Zag lines

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There will be times when what you planned on wearing isn't exactly what you end up putting on. Today is one of those, but you can always pull off something amazing regardless if it's a last minute thing. 
A zig zag sweater cami  was the unexpected twist today.

Everything worked out great. I opted for my favorite orange skirt instead of a boring neutral. This works because the combination of blue and orange always works no matter the shades you match. 
I added my long rich blue cardigan sweater and kept the shoes neutral since my outfit called so much attention. For accessories I added  my reflective earrings and shades. Always keep shades around to keep haters at bay! Or just to hide your emotions from the world at that moment.
Be bold and take risks sometimes in life and in fashion! Lessons learned (speaking to myself also). Be fashion forward at all times and always be fabulous! Enjoy the rest of your day.

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