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In the season with weather that's ice cold, our fashion can only comply. This time of year feels ice cold as a marble statue. At times your emotions can take this on as well. (Sidebar)
Even though the actual art expression seems cold because of the physical stone the emotion that is expressed is from a warm place even showing compassion.
In the Picasso setting and tone turns the inspiration for a fashionista. Here I took to all black and a black and great floral scarf for a feminine touch.
With my hair slick down with a chic side part. This style is more reminiscent of the old Hollywood. With a a leather bomber jacket with a plush faux fur hood.
The fur on the hood keeps you warm for those cold days and nights. Add a pair of warm Uggz so that my feet will be equally as warm.
Now you can wear a bright color pair of Uggz especially when you have on all black. That pop of color will attract the eye. 
No matter the weather you should keep up to date with your trends while staying warm. Have a great weekend, and of course do too much shopping for the holidays!!!!

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