Purple and Prints

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This outfit is a style I chose in hopes of spring returning to us much faster! I know, just wishful thinking.
Other than that this outfit is a great one and the good thing is anyone can pull this look off. I decided to go with my leopard print dress and a purple cardigan sweater. Also a pair of black leggings and black ankle boots.
A great tip to remember is when wearing prints, if it's black and white you can add bright colors to bring some type of simplicity this way you don't look too busy.
Also another point I will make is that my dress is short but an a- line cut if you have hips and thighs that could be a problem. Find a length that can be comfortable without you sending the wrong message. If your juicier, that's fine just get a printed reds that's long and add flats and in the summer get some jewel sandals that match your statement necklace color!
  To jazz up the look and take it one step further I added a statement necklace in multiple of shades of purple and blue.
Accessories that are apart of the same family such as purple and blue go well together because they are both cool colors so they compliment one another.

Just remember to stay fashion forward and let your style inspire you to forward!!

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