Chic Renaissance

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During these last few weeks there is a new street trend that is bringing some attention to the pop culture!
This renaissance trend is spreading like wild fire across the trending scene. Originally it was an urban trend that is now phasing into a global trend!!!
Also another great thing to know about this trend is that it's unisex. This can be either for men or women who love fashion and style. You can wear this trend in either bold colors or neutral tones. The neutral tones, however boring to some people these colors may seem actually bring out the trend more. 
The brighter colors take away from the authenticity of the renaissance feel, but it looks fashion forward either way!
Be true to your personal style no matter what! If you love jeans, wear them with this look and some cute heels. Or if you like to be a bit sexier and edgy you can wear some liquid leggings and some ankle booties or chic black heels.
Keep in touch with the latest in streetstyle fashion and chic trends by being connected to Fashion Kulture!!!
Stay fashion Forward and be safe this weekend and have way too much fun!!

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