Calling Spring!!!

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Call spring into our atmosphere please! This snow and winter weather is keeping us in a frozen state of mind and there needs to be a dramatic change. Look no further than your nearest fashion boutique. The latest in fashion right be us all about floral flare pants! These pants are the hottest thing to have in your closet for this season.
For spring everyone will have these on with cute sandals or pretty colored heels. This look is absolutely going to be a sensation and a too favorite to keep in the warm weather. The light fabric and materials will allow for breeze to flow and keep you cool throughout the day.
Now, the trend is either bright colored patterns or florals, neutral tones with wide legs, or basic colors for chic looks.
To wear with these pants you can definately go with the traditional color tank or cami.
This time around you can wear the cropped sweaters or tee shirts that are more trendy this season. You can wear statement necklaces and heels to accessories this look. Also a perfect accessory to wear is a clutch to look more feminine. Remember when wearing the brighter colors try and keep things chic and classic because if there is too much colors it can become confused. 
Look out for spring weather and all the amazing fashion that if has to offer!!!

Stay fierce and fashion forward at all times. Stay connected here at Fashion Kulture and we will bring you the latest in fashion trends and chic looks to stay in the NOW!!

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