DVF Golden Reign

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Yes! It's that time of the year, Fashion Week. For this show DVF had the talk about Show of the day. One of the most popular powerhouse names has done it again.  DVF has brought a show that reigned everything Gold!!!!! 
The show has payed homepage to the iconic wrap dress. Wrap dresses have been around for it's safe to say about 40 years.
In light of that the show was completely adorned in gold wrap dresses with amazing draping and detail.
Katie Kloss
The dresses in the finale were definate show stoppers. A wonderful show through and through. Another great knotch on the fashion forward belt.
In order to accomplish the similar looks for everyday wear that will not be a problem. DVF has designed amazing wrap dresses for everyday wear. Die the woman on a budget these dresses can be a but pricey do go to places like Target and Burlington Coat Factory. There you can get some amazing wrap dresses for any budget. I will say this depending on the color and pattern of the dress find something that works for you. 

If you are petite and slim the cute short above the knee wrap dresses are great with loud patterns and simple colors.
If you have curves, you can get a wrap dress below the knee and and a slightly lower cut. It's all about give and take because the dress is longer in length you can give a little more in the cleavage.

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