Graphic and bold prints

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There is a saying in the fashion world that applies to this trend I'm about to draw your attention to. "It will come back in style."
The bold funky graphic prints are most definitely trending right now! This is trend  is reminiscent of the 80's at a time where bigger and bolder was the name of the game. The fun patterns and prints were loud and daring and might I add, so was the hair.
Now they are mixing it with different shapes and cuts. For example this is being applied to crop tops and ultra skinny jeans. Here I'm giving you a sneak peak at a crop style sweater. This pattern is cute and fun. I know most people would think unless your thin or have a completely flat stomach this look cannot be achieved. There is where I stop you and prove you wrong.
Let's say your a plus size girl , or a little "juicy" as I would say this can still apply. You could wear a printed blouse with a solid vest or sweater over it with skinny jeans! 
The key is to always be aware of your body and always remember to keep it classy!

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