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Feeling excited about the warmer weather that's suppose to be coming! I took it upon myself  to "encourage" Mother Nature if you will. I believe with this outfit I have done just that!!
Today I began to feel full of life and bright! What better way to express that then through my outfit. 
Today I grabbed my bright green blazer that I love and I decided to do something alittle different. I added my electric blue blouse!
Most people wouldn't put two bright and electric colors together because they feel as if it would clash. The trick to this is using two colors that play off of each other. Here I did blue and green, these colors compliment each other on the color wheel.
To make it just a bit casual I put only favorite skinny jeans and tucked the front of my blouse in. 
You can also wear your blouse completely out, but there is a sophisticated presence when your shirt is tucked in.
I had to run some errands and it's a bit cooler than usual! With that being said I grabbed my bright red orange Uggz. Now you can wear this outfit with some funky bright heels for a great sunny day out.
I always say stay true to your own personal style and I do the same thing! Here I put on a statement plate necklace under my collar. You can also do this look with some draping jewlery or beads!! Be eclectic and indulge the plenty beautiful shades of colors!! 

Remember to always stay fabulous and fashionforward!!

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