Bright Tribals

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This season is all about the amazing colors and prints! Lately every where I turn everyone is wearing tribal prints. Even the celebrities are joining In on all the fun.
For today's #FKTipsTuesday it's all about the bright tribal prints. This trend can be a but tricky. Not every print can be flattering to every body type so do be careful when choosing your pattern. 
Bright tribal patterns are too hit to handle right now! Whether it be a romper, wide leg pants, or even a maxi skirt these tribal patterns are here to stay.
Also for curvy women wearing a tribal suit     Is another way in which will be a better for you to wear.

Today I am all about encouraging you to be bold and bright this season. It's all about expressing your true self in a fashionable way.
Always be inspired to try something new!! Stay connected with us here at Fashion Kulture for your daily style inspo, tips, and tricks to all the new trends!!!! 
Enjoy your day!!!!!

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