Folk Couture

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On my fabulous journey I came across an amazing gem in the city that I would love to share!
I went to see the Folk Couture exhibit at The American Folk Art Museum.
This exhibit showcased a very intimate collection of designs from an amazing group of designers. Each garment that was on display had it's own story whether it was inspired by a quilt or inspired by an animal they all had their own story to tell.
I must say even though all garments were exquisite I personally did have my faborites, three to be exact.
The first, was from designer Jean Yu from South Korea. She was inspired to create a couture piece by a porcupine.
Her garment was made of straw and chiffon that is drapped in perfect proportions. An amazing and chic statement garment without a doubt! 

My second runner up was a beautiful ensemble created by Fabio Costa. His garment was inspired by two pieces of art in the museum. The Sacred Heart of Whitewick quilt and  Sacred Heart of Jesus. This ensemble consist of two pieces a top and bottom designed with multiple materials including raw silk mesh, quilted nylon, and Japenese Bamboo and silk yarn. This included an extraordinary headpiece as well. This display looked breath taking!

I saved the best for last! This last couture piece is more edgy than any other piece on display. It was created by Gabi Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil  also known as threeASFOUR    the avant-garde trio. 
This dress was inspired ironiclu by the star if David that was sewn into a quilt from the 1800's. They claim not because it is a religious symbol but because the women of the time period used it as a symbol of friendship!
This dress can stand with toe to toe with some of the fiercest gowns on the runway today! 
This dress is extraordinary one of a kind couture piece. An absolute must see for all the true fashion lovers who enjoy the story and detail behind the art form of a garment.
This exhibit in it's entirety was exquisite! It is an absolute must see. The exhibit will be at the museum until April 23rd 2014.
If you some spare time go and enjoy!!

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