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Not to down play a classic I thought why not bring it back with hot and trendy twist.
Polka dots can be a turn off for most women. My goal today is to change your thoughts toward them and embrace them.
Most classy women during the roaring 50's loved polka dots and it was a fashion statement expressing the more elite women of the time.
Today I believe in doing just that. As fashionista's we need to address the fashion world and let them know who we are.
Today the look I went with was polka black and blue polka dot shirt from  Dress Barn. This top originally was a set and came with the sweater vest. With sets like this you can separate them and create even more styles.
To add a twist to this classic look I added some torn skinny leg jeans from Old Navy
These were the diva jeans but they fit great for curvy women.
To accessories I have on a black and silver solid chain.
Some cute black pumps from Prima Donna for a choice of shoe! Then the magic if an ensemble was created!
This look is great for day or night . With a change of shoes. For a date I would choose some strappy  black stilettos and a clutch.

Stay encouraged to love yourself and be fashion forward.

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