Sun kissed with Jeans

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Going through this gorgeous summer day sometimes it's fabulous to go sassy and comfy. 
As many people like to tell me I like to "run the street" so why not go for comfort. Why compromise style, to be comfortable? For me that's not an option!
Seek style in all of your daily fashion decisions!
On today I kept it comfy and stylish while I "run the street"
Today I am starting with a rust orange tube top with tiny gold detailing. This is from Forever 21. I don't always shop there but from time to time they do surprise me with something I love.
That's a sidebar. Even run through stores you don't like or wouldn't usually shop in because usually that's where you find the cute pieces surprise you.
I added some blue skinny jeans from JCPenney.
Of course I love their skinny jeans! They are all I wear.
To jazz it up I added some cute bedazzled sandals from Marshall's . Again they have great finds although sometimes the selection is better in different locations.
As for accessories I decided to go with a beautiful butterfly pendent necklace. My bracelet is silver entwined with bright color stones and no earrings.

As a curvy girl I know tops like this are difficult to find, this one is great because it has extra material in the mid section so it us very forgiving. Don't worry, be confident in your look.

This look is going to be great for a summer day. Also good for a lunch date out in the city with a cute clutch.
I hope my look of the day inspired you to be sassy and stylish on a fabulous summer day like this one!

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