The Romee Gooden Project

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On my journey through this hectic fashion industry, I have been fortunate to experience amazing opportunities
not many get to receive. This opportunity that I am about to share with you  is no different!
Recently I had the chance to sit down and have a one on one interview with the talented wardrobe stylist Romee Gooden.(Romee Gooden Link)

This creative innovator has been interested in fashion and style from a young age and it has translated tremendously through the years and is turning into a budding brand.

At the tender age of 16 Gooden put together his first fashion show which showcased his first ever spring collection that was entitled "Spring Button Bliss". This show took place at the Marriott Hotel and thus started him on his way to the amazing career he is embarking on!

During this interview I want to shed some light on what inspires such a creative mind to style and create outfits for his clients who just need that Gooden touch.
I also tapped into what would his signature stamp  be for his personal styling method.

Gooden replied that he styles his clients with his signature staple in mind of being "GRAND".
He typically is know for his over the top and extravagant taste, which for me is just fine! I mean honestly there is nothing wrong with standing out in a flamboyant way! Sometimes you just have to show people how it's done!
I'm not going to give away too much! Watch the videos for yourself and get the latest scoop from the stylist himself!

I also got to touch base and see how the stylist feel about maybe even becoming a renowned designer! Watch this clip to hear his thoughts about the idea!

I know you all must be wondering what are his plans for the next NYFW! Just watch !

Currently Gooden is working with mother (owner of Dbora Cosmetics) as COO of her company and has his own wardrobe styling division titled "Haute Monde".
Also to top everything off he is studying for his degree in International business.
He is, I must say a very well rounded individual with a good head on his shoulders and is a great inspiration for young, talented and creative young men coming up.
I do wish him great success in all his career goals and aspirations!
I want to thank him for his time and I enjoyed every minute of our interview! 
Look forward for some collaborations in the near future!

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IG, FB, and Youtube: Romee Gooden

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