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In the midst of it all I have a desire to be bold and bright. I mean, why not! Most people are reaching for the rich warm tones of the winter but who wants to follow the crowd all the time. Once you know the basics of the fashion rules, then you will know when to break them.
Here I thought to step out of the box and go for a golden citrus tone.
Sometimes bringing out that fresh pop of color can be refreshing to most when darker shades and warm under tones are taking center stage.

Be cautious! Only the bold and courageous can make a statement like this one. 
Without further delay, here it is my OOTD!
Today I have on a chic citrus yellow button cape from Dress Barn .

This grand cape is one of a kind and has the structure of a runway look for everyday. I love runway taking over street style! A bold yellow cape is the key to making this trendy look happen.

I also have on a wool layered skirt from Loft . This knee length skirt  is tastefully done with a touch of class and sophistication.
I love the sophisticated appearance because it creates a versatility for the work place or a edgy chic event!

As for my accessories I decided to wear some solid yellow crystal and gold earrings. These I picked up from a small boutique but you can find similar ones at Target . 

My suede black stilettos are from Prima Donna . This boutique is definitely one of my favorite spots to go to when ever I have an event and for my birthday. They always have great shoes and the best accessories.

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I hope my OOTD has been an inspiration to you because I was inspired for this look!
I was inspired by an insert in Instyle Magazine called "Inspired by InStyle"

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