Flawless Winter White***

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Winter is here and I must say we need to dress for the season. I am all for dressing for the weather, but why let it keep you from being stylish? Today I am ready to break one of fashions major rules. I am about to step out in WHITE!

I said it! WHITE after labor day. Actually winter whites are a hot commodity this winter and isn't frowned upon this season. You could almost continue on to say that white would be the new black! 

This can only happen when you know the basic fashion rules! Then, and only then can you break them!

Today I have on a simple and chic look that is to amaze you! Without further delay here it is!

I am seen wearing an over sized denim shirt from Burlington Coat Factory. I love this shirt because it is comfortable, functional and extremely versatile. 

You can do all things with this piece. I paired them with some winter white leggings with silver plated buttons down the side. 

Leggings are always a plus to have in your wardrobe. You can dress them up or down and they are functional for everyday purposes. You can find these in JCPenney .

As for my accessories I just added a gold plated necklace from H&M . They always have perfect accessories, but my advice is when looking take your time. 

Often times we rush through and leave because initially you don't see what you envisioned. I found this piece on my second go round in the store so always keep your eyes open.

My golden metallic hue sling back heels were the shoes of choice for the evening! I just love shimmer and for the holidays what better shoe to step out with!

My beauty journey is still in full swing! Here I have on the basic  liquid foundation and blush from SheaMoisture . 

Here I have on one of my favorite lipsticks called Golden Splendor from L'Oreal Paris . This lipstick is definitely one of my "go to" shades because its a neutral and goes with everything!

I have an appreciation for all things FABULOUS!
Fashion and beauty go hand in hand which is why I have similar passion for them!
I hope my OOTD has inspired you!

Stay tuned with me Mz. Fashion Kulture for all your fashion inspiration, beauty tips and brands, events, and shows!

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