Torn Denim with class***

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As the weather is heating up, fashion and style is beginning to sizzle as well!
This OOTD is a simply chic look with an edge that I just had to share with you all.

Torn jeans have been making a splash on the street style scene since early 2014. It's popularity is continuing to spread since women have realized that they aren't just for the rock stars and rebels.
Here I am going to show you just how to make torn jeans classy!

As seen here I am wearing some torn jeans that were a DIY project from Old Navy! I loved the idea of torn jeans but I wanted to be able to place were the slits should go. You can do this simple project too I will create a seperate post for it!

I love torn jeans because they are rebellious and fun but I love that I can dress it up as well to show that I'm still classy!
 I also paired this with a geometric pattern V-neck black and white top from Butlington Coat Factory. This top is very light weight which is perfect for the warmer weather ahead of us. 

More importantly it's patterned which is such a big trend now that you need to get as much pasterned pieces that you can get.

I also grabbed my all black tuxedo blazer from Loft just to add that extra touch of class. 

Classic looks are always a plus when you kick it up with some accessories. I have a silver and black scale plated necklace. You can find similar at ALDO.
As for my shoes I have on black suede stilettos from Prima Donna.

This outfit has become one of my favorites slowly but surely! You can wear this for a Girls night out or a date night with someone special. It's casual yet chic and there is nothing better then functional fashion as I like to say!

I hope this OOTD has inspired you. Stay connected with me Mz. Fashion Kulture for all you fashion forward needs!

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