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I always believed in work hard, play hard, PRAY harder!
Through this journey in my life I have been blessed to merge the fashion and beauty industry into becoming apart of my routine. 
Many dream of having the access that I have been fortunate to experience and
I will be the first to say that I truly am grateful ever moment of it.

This time I worked back stage for Project Runway AllStars Finale  Season 5! 
This was a very crazy cool experience to which I fully enjoyed. 
Fashion is one of my first loves to which I hold dear to my heart.

I feel honored to have the chance to work back stage for a show I loved watching, which is such a full circle moment for me!

From start to finish the day was full of an upbeat tempo and amazing people.
Creativity and Inspiration were two major pieces I took away with me that day. 
The thought that anything is possible, even if it happens in a different way then you planned the point is you still arrived at your desired destination.

This only leads me to wonder what next is in store for me.
I'm excited about my future and I cannot wait to share it with you every step of the way!
I hope this post will inspire and uplift each and every person who comes across it.

I believe that my purpose is to inspire! 
To this I am dedicated to fulfilling my purpose, fashionably of course!

             Be Inspired
           Be Empowered
           Be Your Style

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