It's Just a Fringe Frenzy

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Today, I wanted to try something a little more fun and flirty!
I thought why not try it and possibly inspire another to do the same.
This look is all about being flirty and sassy at the same time and what better way than with Fringe.

Fringe is a detail that sometimes gets so overlooked but when you allow it to be the center of attention it can be  powerfully stylish.

This look features fringe at the bottom of the loose fitted blouse.
Casual leggings and some subtle sexy shoes. 
Mesh is always a plus when you want to get a double take!

What are your thoughts?
Engage and try something similar to your look today!

Top: Jessica Simpson
Leggings: Burlington Coat Factory
Jewelry: Avenue
Shoes: Similar looks in Aldo
Photography: Majestic Vibes

Be Inspired
Be empowered
Be Your Style

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