Denim Direction

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 Some time ago denim mad a stronger comeback earlier this summer, the high waist denim shorts that took the world by storm and have been here ever since. Now another direction is coming for denim that will show it in a whole new way. 
The great thing about the new denim trend is that you can wear it in the day or night, to work , to lunch,  to girls night out, or on date night.
one way is to wear the denim shirt. you can wear it tucked in to work with a cute colored pencil skirt or a full skirt. Then dress it with some heavy jewelry with metallic or a pop of color.
You can also take this look to lunch with denim shorts and a blazer.
 Last but not least you can wear denim on date night, with something a little more sexy for the occasion. So ladies enjoy your denim while you can because as we fashionista's know , that can all change in the blink of an eye!!!!

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  1. Very cute style! Check out my blog!