Fashion and the Caribbean

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With a family that comes from the West Indies this post is really dear to my heart. Fashion as I always say is more than clothing, it's a culture and this time it's taking us to Jamaica.
This passed June in Kingston, Jamaica the 13th annual Caribbean Fashion Week has taken place! 

Now Kingston is more familiarly known for the beautiful beaches and the delicious food, but we can add growing fashion capitol to that list. During this three day event there was a great mix of new up and coming designers as well as more established designers doing showcases.
There were also some designers being showcased that were from other countries as well. Like Mahlet Afework who is an Ethiopian designer who has some of the most talked about beachwear this year. Some other favorites were Gavin Douglas and Ashley Martin just to name a few.
 Now that Caribbean Fashion Week is well into it's 13th year I believe it's safe to say that this will be a rising fashion destination for fashion lovers all over. Congratulations and I look forward to the future and excited for the great fashion trends that may emerge from this.

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