Make up and The Big Screen

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DowntonAbbey Lipgloss
If you are a lover of the drama  Downton Abbey, now here is another reason for you to love the show.The Soap like series has released a cosmetic line  that consists of 10 pieces. The line will be exclusively sold at Marks and Spencer in October of this year, so it will coincide  the new season of the show.

This was something we could foresee for the series granted that the producers of the show specified that they would be releasing apparel, wallpaper  furniture, and beauty products as well. The products packaging is amazing, beautiful, charming, and elegant being that it will have an Edwardian appearance of the time period. Also there will be quotes from the show printed on the packaging as well.
Downton Abbey Luxury Soap

The future of the partnership between Downton Abbey and M&S looks bright. Reportedly NBC Universal signed a two-year merchandising deal with the department store chain and everything seems to be going smoothly. Of course at Fashion Kulture we applaud new business ventures that keep the fashion and beauty industry booming. Congratulations and looking forward to the new season of  Downton Abbey!!!!

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