Best Collaborations

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In any industry it's great to be able to accomplish major milestones on your own,It can help you make a name for yourself.  Well then,What do you do when your starting out? Good question, you should collaborate with someone who is well known or a lucrative powerhouse label. This is exactly what L'Wren did!
Although L'Wren Scott is a well known designer this is her first major collaboration and it just so happens that she will be collaborating with Banana  Republic! This is a great career move for her. This collaboration will allow her to be noticed in a wider audience and allow her a better chance at becoming a more household name! Here at Fashion Kulture we Always support moving forward in your career, especially in the fashion industry. Congratulations L'Wren and we are excited to see the collection when completed!

Let's not forget about the guys! Roberto Cavalli and Franck Muller are collaborating for a signature watch line! The duo is coming together to create statement pieces that are unique. they have come up with two collections, Dual Masters and The Signature collection. I love the fact that these big names are starting collaborations this opens up their reach even more. Go forth and create the luxurious things we love so much!
If you would like to congratulate them you can reach them via Twitter......

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