Bridal and High Fashion

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When your getting married one of the most important things on the list is your DRESS!!! With that being well noted, I know that many women wish that their favorite  go to everyday designers would make their gowns. For some women this may come true. 
Victor & Rolf lovers celebrate this great news is just for you. The dynamic duo have done it again, after putting on a stunning couture show, now they are creating a bridal collection. They have done some bridal pieces in the past, but this is their first actual complete  bridal collection. Of course this collection isn't for your average bride. Just like everything else they do , the pieces are not traditional in any sense. The pieces are more avant-garde, created for a more experimental bride who appreciates a more couture look. The color palette is traditional so it accentuates the playful silhouettes.  Also featured in the collection is a romantic mini dress and a jumpsuit! If you would like to see the rest of the collection go to......

      Twitter:   @Viktor_and_rolf

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