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Fashion week has come to an end, or so we think. In Paris and Milan all of the major labels thrived and flourished revealing their collections in the rich culture and vibrate  ambiance of Paris and Milan. There is a new up and coming place where fashion is making it's mark.
Amsterdam is  now transitioning into the fashion arena in an attempt to showcase the new talented designers trying to get their names out there. 
Amsterdam Fashion Week starts today July12th-July 16th and will be run just like any other fashion week. According to program director Carlo Wijnands the Dutch fashion industry is on the rise. Unlike Paris and Milan the Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) cans be more flexible and experimental being that they don't have a fashion history or background that could hold them to a specific restriction or standard.
Up in the Netherlands, casual wear is the dominant fashion choice and  is a growing market of diversity. That could be a major reason for Karl Lagerfeld and Tommy Hilfiger to be based there. 
Tonight the first to show is Spijker & Spijker a twin duo who are commercially innovative. On the other hand they aren't the main attraction. The coveted SuperTrash children's Show is what everyone is waiting to see on Saturday.

The show is also welcome to any newcomers on the horizon. One in particular Anne de Grijff, who's collection is set for high expectations. Hopefully she will deliver!!!! 
                 Anne de Grijff
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