Make Way for the Men

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I know earlier I promised  that there would be a post for the men as well. Believe it or not there are  men who like to be up to date with what is going on in fashion. Not as much men as I think should be concerned are, but hey that's how life happens. 
On the other hand  for the guys who do want to know what's going on this is for you!
Right now Marc Jacobs is ready for the men. Their Spring/Summer 2014 Look Book is up. Now I must say this collection is for the guys who don't mind going with a more bold approach. For instance within the collection  there are many prints matched with bright colors and subtle neutral tones. They're also featuring fitted pants and ankle pant suits in various materials that seem to work out great. The variety in the material will give you men the option to either dress up with a sports jacket or more casual with a cardigan or crew neck sweater. By the way the collection features both options. Here are a few looks but when you get the chance stop by their website.
Also Saint Laurent has their Menswear Fall/ Winter 2014 collections ready. Saint Laurent went with a different approach which I consider to be a dramatic rock theme. The pants are really fitted and matched with layers of texture. These looks are for the men who tend to want something a little more edgy but not so flamboyant. They do show many jacket options including leather, wool, fur, and sports blazers if you prefer a more refined look. I love the different layers in this collection, but I will say be careful. If layering isn't your style don't do this because you may layer the wrong materials and you will end up looking like a confused mess!!! For the men who know what their doing, carry on to Saint Laurent. These a just a few of my favorites

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