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Upon starting this blog I did state that I would be encouraging and networking with people who were going in the same direction as I am in the fashion world. With that being said on a regular basis I will be introducing  people and placing their businesses on the blog.
Today the Person of Interest is Linda Labriola. She is an Independent Miche Representative ready and willing to assist you with any purchase you may have.
Ladies how many times do you change your bag because it doesn't match your outfit. Miche bags has come up with a perfect solution for just that. You choose your bag style, the style comes with a base bag, and you can choose as many covers as you want. Then if you ever get tired of that cover, just take the base bag out of the cover and go. No hassle and you never forget to take anything out of the old purse and place in your new one. If you want to know more about the products please contact Linda at your earliest convenience as I will place her information below. Browse and shop online to your hearts content! Hurry Miche is having a Daily deal Sale from July 1-14th only, so act fast ladies.

Linda Labriola

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