On the Business Side

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Majority of the time when you mention fashion generally people stereotype the topic to be just about clothes. I am here to tell you that it's not just about the clothes, the glitz and the glam. (Even though,let's be honest it 99% of the time is) There are people who sit behind their desk and get to the business side of fashion. Just like any mega store, the powerhouse labels are businesses. Therefore  the are men and women who have to direct, crunch numbers, and deliver their deals and contracts in order to make the "clothes" we love so much happen.
Paul Deneve
So let's get started today it has been confirmed that Mr. Paul Deneve has officially left his power CEO position at YSL to work at the Technology giant Apple once again. Deneve had been working for Apple in the 90's and then went to Saint Laurent. Now he is back at Apple and there is no word yet on what position he will be taking, keep your ears open it will be unveiled to us sooner than later. We congratulate him on the career change either way. Hopefully everything will work out in his favor. Since Deneve has left his post at YSL someone has to take his place, right? Yes, of course. This is why they have made a power shift form Deneve to  Francesca Bellettini. Bellettini has been announced as the new CEO of Saint Laurent and will be effective as of September 1st 2013. Now needless to say that Bellettini is well equipped for the job because she comes from the ready-to-wear leather goods company Bottega Veneta. Her Resume is absolutely outstanding and extends her job history from other powerhouse labels such as Gucci, Helmut Lang, and Prada to name a few. Again we here at Fashion Kulture support the career move and believe that the change will be great and productive for the company's they have now joined. Congratulations to  both Paul Devene and Francesca Bellettini.

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