Fall Campaigns

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Now that the Couture Fashion week is in the full swing of things, now is the time when all are revealing their fall campaigns.
First things first, we must start with the man who revamped the powerhouse Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld!He is a creative Visionary and always thinking outside the box with new and innovative ways to move the fashion world beyond. With that being said he has pushed the envelope again. For Mr. Lagerfeld's Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign he has photographed  Sebastien Jondeau to be the lead male this season. Here is the twist, Jondeau is his bodyguard and he has been a part of Mr. Lagerfeld's team for fourteen years. His campaign in it's entirety was released on Monday July 1st at the Bread & Butter  trade show in Berlin. If you haven't seen it yet you can find it on his website. www.karl.com

Let's not forget about the sexy red head who's ad's has everyone going crazy. The buzz has also been circling around Jimmy Choo for having Nicole Kidman grace their  Winter 2013 campaign! The tousled hair and neutral tone makeup allows the focus to be on the products. Even though we must say, with Nicole dressed like that it probably will be a little hard for people to stay focused. She looks absolutely stunning.

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