Shoe Lovers Unite

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I know your probably thinking all we post about here is couture and lavish designers. Well, guess what YOUR WRONG!!! Not everyone's budget allows them to afford high luxury items. That's fine. Here we don't believe in sacrificing style because of the priced tag. In that order!
Here are some tips for all you shoe lovers out there.
Now if you are the working girl on the go that just means that majority of your time is already spent. Here is the deal, maybe shopping online is the only thing for you. I will say that some places you should try are and .The website shoemint  is great and the prices are reasonable. For your advantage when you sign up they will email you.when their sales are going on and when they have free shipping. Those are a plus especially when you only wanted to order one pair.
For shoedazzle it's sort of the same concept but I believe you might find a bigger variety. Also they usually have stylist who look at your survey and show things that are typically your style. Sometimes that can be better instead of you having to search through the entire site. Another plus is Rachel Zoe has her picks that she chose on there as well. (It's always good to see the hand picks of a seasoned stylist in the the industry because you can always get a first hand idea of whats really trending in the inner fashion circle)
If your someone who rather try on your shoes right then and there like myself I will let you in on a secret. I know it's cliche but now is actually the best time to buy sandals and summer shoes because summer is already halfway behind us and the stores are gearing up for fall. In that motion they need to make room for the new merchandise, so they place everything at mega sales. Like Macy's and Aldo. Don't over look the bargin stores either, they have cute things that you don't want to miss. You may not walk out with five great pair, but the idea is that you might find two that you really love at an awesome price. For example like Burlington Coat Factory, DSW, Marshalls and T.J.Maxx might have cute shoes and styles you didn't even think of. Just remember they key is be open to looking, you never know what you might find.

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