Couture Fashion Week

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For those who didn't already know couture fashion week has come to an end. (sad face)
On a better note let me let you in on what went on. Everyone of course understands that in the couture world of fashion it is all about the drama that you can express through the show. (theme)
Chanel Haute Couture Venue (The Shimmering City)
You Can't talk about fashionable drama without mentioning Karl Lagerfeld. The Chanel show and theme was absoluteley exquisette. His inspiration came from a recent trip to Singapore. The the theme, "the old and new world". The old world was represented as a crumbling theatre and the new world was represented by  a gorgeous sparking cityscape in the ruins. Mr. Lagerfeld is nothing short of amazing when it comes to presentation in his work. The clothing in this collecton was equally magnificnet. In this collection there is a great amount of chiffon,tulle, and sequins with a touch of lace as well. There seem to be a hint of a romantic feel but daring at the same time. He used some rustic textures as well. I must say that some of the silloheutte we have seen before from Lagerfeld, but nonetheless the finished garments turned out out fabulous as usual. I guess "If it ain't broke, why fix it." If you want to see the video clips of the show, you can see it on Type in Fall-Winter 2013/2014 Haute Couture Chanel Show
Chanel Couture

In other events the Dior show was great as well. They showed elegant pieces that were well structured as usual. There were great texture and colors, these risks were nice to see. They did keep the models in simple hair and makeup.
Viktor &Rolf did an outstanding job. Their show played heavily on the neutrals and basic black.The dramatic silhouettes were well porportioned and truly went over well. We applaud them on a job well done.If you would like to see the rest of their collection please feel free to go to their website.
Viktor & Rolf 
Viktor & Rolf
Last but not least I will mention Armani Prive! There is a little something in this collection for everyone. There were bright colors and patterns with sexy silhouettes and  sequins. Also they used some lace which brought a touch of romance. All in all it seemed   reminiscent of Old Hollywood. This collection was the best we have seen in years! We here at Fashion Kulture are thrilled and excited to see Armani Thrive again in it's glory.  Again to see the full collection check the website.
Armani Prive Couture Collection

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