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I know I mention it every now and again, but fashion isn't all about the clothes as much as some people may think. Fashion really is a culture. In that respect there has been something drawn to my attention that I would love to share. 

Lately we have been seeing an extreme amount of gun violence all over. I bet you wonder if anything good could come out of it? I'm excited to say Yes! something beautiful can come from something violent. Social Entrepreneur Peter Thum  has created a new  high end jewelry line made from guns and bullets in an attempt to decrease gun violence and get them off the streets.  The idea is that they reached out to city and state officials seeking guns when they were released from evidence rooms and no longer needed. Also they went seeking materials from some gun buyback programs. Once they received the materials needed Mr. Thum recruited designer Philip Crangi and began to work on the designs for this unique high end jewelry line.They have them custom made for every individual  You can have the actual gun serial number engraved in it as well as any personal engraving you would like. The Jewelry is all made in New York and Rhode Island.

A certain percentage of the money from the jewelry will be donated to different organizations and programs that are trying to prevent gun violence.
I am a strong believer in uniting for change and promoting for a worthy cause as this one. The gun violence needs to stop and this is a very unique and beautiful way to get the job done. For every ring, bracelet, and necklace we buy, we can get one more gun off the street. I know this  means much more for anyone who has be directly affected by gun violence in any way, so please reach out and support as much as you can. Spread the word and keep the movement alive. If you would like to purchase any jewelry
You can find them at the following.....
Online: libertyunited.com
Philip Crangi (Jewelry Designer)

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