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From the glamorous hallways at ELLE Magazine the amazing Creative Director Mr Joe Zee and  Fashion designer and professor, Rob Younkers have created a camp that will  allow the young designers to get a "behind the seams" experience.

 Stitched is a camp for next generation tween fashion designers  in the age group of 10-14. The camp is a golden opportunity for the children to see and get hands on experience of what they will encounter in the fashion industry.This camp was created to nurture and support the creativity and the love for fashion in these adolescence. The ultimate goal of this camp is to motivated these children to stay in pursuit of their fashion goals and dreams.
Stitched camp is a two week long summer day camp. The program runs from August 5th -16th. The camp is held at Guild Hall in East Hampton, in New York. At Guild Hall they could learn from top industry experts. Also they will be able actually design, style, and execute their own garments. 
Mr. Joe Zee  and Rob Younkers here at Fashion Kulture I am completely supportive of such a great program inspiring the youth. Congratulations on a next level of success and pursuing a goal that can reach out and inspire others.
If you would like to get in contact...........

 Facebook: Stitched Fashion Camp

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