Banana Republic Unveiling

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For all the women who just adore Banana Republic your about to have another reason to love them ever so much. For a while now there have been speculation of a new collaboration but we weren't sure with whom. Now the company is ready and willing to reveal who they have partnered with. The powerhouse label has partnered with a Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton's favorite Issa London. 
The collaboration  has been in the works since before we even knew that Kate was expecting, but already the line has been named Kate's greatest hits collection. Although Ms. Middleton hasn't worn any of the actual pieces from then line as of yet. In the line there are about six look-a-like dresses that Ms. Middleton has worn over the years, including the famous royal blue engagement dress.
The collection will launch tomorrow!!!! LADIES GET OUT THERE AND SHOP, SHOP, AND SHOP SOME MORE.
Issa website

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